MPC™ powder coating –

The colourful coating for demanding applications

MPC™ (Melting Plasma Coating) is a special process developed by Viktor Hegedüs GmbH. An ultra-thin layer of plastic is applied to the workpiece, coating it haptically, functionally and attractively. If the customer so wishes, it is also possible to leave areas of the components uncoated.

The use of plastic permits a broad spectrum of colours and thus customised design possibilities. In addition, this process is a safe, biocompatible and smart alternative to coating with black chrome, which is controversial in the healthcare sector.

Product advantages

of MPC™

High biocompatibility
Elastic properties
Durable and long-lasting
No design restrictions

The advantages of the product are as varied as its fields of application. In addition to the more cost-efficient production compared with PVD or DLC coatings, the special material characteristics are, of course, also outstanding. The plastic coating adapts perfectly to all shapes and designs. The positive product characteristics in terms of its elasticity, surface resilience and resistance to all common disinfectants are also impressive.


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which is ISO-certified & made in Germany

As far as the development of innovations and production of high-quality technologies is concerned, the state of Baden-Württemberg has been a leading region on an international level for many years already. The administrative district of Tuttlingen has even earned itself the nickname of “world centre of medical technology”. We, too, consider ourselves obliged to uphold this tradition, which is precisely why our company headquarters, where we develop and manufacturer our high-quality products sustainably and dependably, are located here. In the field of process and quality assurance, we are certified in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.

Viktor Hegedüs GmbH – Certificate ISO 13485:2016
Viktor Hegedüs GmbH – Certificate ISO 9001:2015


of our MPC™ products

In the MPC™ process, a homogeneous layer is evaporated through a special plasma plastic mist and applied to defined sections of the workpiece. This colourful protective layer wraps around the base component as an ultra thin but very resilient coating.