Viktor Hegedüs GmbH: The FIXATOR clamping system

The FIXATOR clamping system

Time-saving, precise and surprisingly easy to use

The FIXATOR offers a surprisingly simple, reliable and particularly fast solution for all measuring machines and almost all clamping tasks. The speed of the clamping and the operation with maximum precision that can be repeated process-capably by absolutely anyone are what make the use of the modular FIXATOR system so efficient.

The FIXATOR can be installed on any machine in next to no time (maximum 1 minute), and a subsequent measuring procedure including correct clamping and unclamping of the workpiece can be performed in just a few seconds without any prior knowledge.

Conventional measurement setups for the fixation of components, for example using modelling clay, are very time-consuming and often return inaccurate results. With the FIXATOR, it is already possible to rule out these cost traps in advance. If required, we can also produce special holders for your individual components, thus ensuring optimal fixation of all types of component.

Furthermore, the FIXATOR is also extraordinarily easy to integrate in fully automated environments such as robot systems.


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The basic model

with internal clamping

This basic model can be used to clamp all workpieces with a bore, for example sleeves. Thanks to the special holder, the parts to be measured are presented completely uncovered, making it easy to measure all the external contours – and, of course, the diameter and depth of the bore used for the clamping.

The basic model

with external clamping

The FIXATOR has a particularly ingenious solution for external clamping. A prism-shaped holder specially developed in-house allows the parts to be measured to “float” so to speak. This special holder makes it possible to determine the total length along with all the other measurements in just one clamping procedure.

Product advantages

of the FIXATOR clamping system

  • Rapid and error-free clamping and unclamping
  • Can be performed by anyone
  • Automated, manual and pneumatic operation possible
  • Process-capable design as per ISO 9001
  • Precise repeatability of measuring procedures
  • Possible to measure all characteristics at once
  • Enormous time-saving potential
  • Easy to integrate into certification systems as measuring equipment

Faster, more efficient, more precise:

Cost-efficiency that never fails to impress

The FIXATOR offers enormous potential for saving both time and money. Our cost-efficiency calculator shows you out how much you could save in your particular case (download PDF).

Examples of use of the FIXATOR with different workpieces.


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