Surface finishing

Perfect finish for your products

The perfect finish completes the decisive step from blank to quality product. We are well aware of that and have been drawing on our extensive experience in the finishing of surfaces for many years already with the aim of offering our customers a perfect result.



We polish your products as per your custom specifications and wishes in order to ensure a smooth surface and perfect appearance.

Blasting technology

We can surface-blast even the smallest of components and complicated geometries for you in order to achieve optimal results. Depending on the desired application, we have a wide range of different blasting media at our disposal. For products in the field of medical technology, we have special blasting machines satisfying the strict requirements.



Sophisticated deburring processes allow us to remove residual burrs for you completely and without leaving any residues.

Image: Magnified view of a thread flank (100x)


As a surface finishing specialist, we are able to remove production residues completely and in a process-capable manner. We have the right cleaning methods available for almost all types of soiling.

Image: Magnified view of micro screw hexagonal drive (100x)


Quality which is ISO-certified & made in Germany

As far as the development of innovations and production of high-quality technologies is concerned, the state of Baden-Württemberg has been a leading region on an international level for many years already. The administrative district of Tuttlingen has even earned itself the nickname of “world centre of medical technology”. We, too, consider ourselves obliged to uphold this tradition, which is precisely why our company headquarters, where we develop and manufacturer our high-quality products sustainably and dependably, are located here. In the field of process and quality assurance, we are certified in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.

Viktor Hegedüs GmbH: Certificate ISO 13485 : 2016
Viktor Hegedüs GmbH: Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015