Type-II titanium anodising

Dark anodising for optimised surface properties

Type-II titanium anodising (dark anodising) is the optimal process for improving the biomechanical properties of medical implants made of titanium significantly.


Homogeneous, dark grey colour


Optimised titanium surface


Can be well marked using laser technology


Max. layer thickness 2 μm

Product advantages that never fail to impress

Decreased integration behaviour
Easy to remove the implant after the facture has healed
Higher pretensioning of screw connections possible
Improvement of tribology
High biocompatibility

With type-II titanium anodising (dark anodising according to AMS 2488), titanium implants get a significantly thicker and more resistant oxide layer with a homogeneous, dark grey surface appearance. Dark anodised surfaces decrease the tendency towards cold welding between titanium implants significantly and can also be much more easily removed following successful fracture healing.

* partially anodised

Colour-coding with Recolor

Customised colour-coding
Diverse design possibilities
Multiple colours possible on a single implant
Results that stay the same

The patented Recolor process allows further colour-coding of the dark-anodised implant if so desired. This means the advantages of type-II and type-III anodising can be combined. The design possibilities are practically infinite, allowing addition of logos, measurements, depth markings, batch numbers, QR codes / bar codes, etc., to the titanium product.

Brochures and downloads

Viktor Hegedüs GmbH: TYP-II dark anodising brochure

Quality which is ISO-certified & made in Germany

As far as the development of innovations and production of high-quality technologies is concerned, the state of Baden-Württemberg has been a leading region on an international level for many years already. The administrative district of Tuttlingen has even earned itself the nickname of “world centre of medical technology”. We, too, consider ourselves obliged to uphold this tradition, which is precisely why our company headquarters, where we develop and manufacturer our high-quality products sustainably and dependably, are located here. In the field of process and quality assurance, we are certified in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.

Viktor Hegedüs GmbH: Certificate ISO 13485 : 2016
Viktor Hegedüs GmbH: Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015

Manufacturing process – Quality right from the beginning

In a process optimized by Viktor Hegedüs, the titanium surface to be refined is first cleaned and then coated with a special oxide layer. This dark gray oxide layer, which primarily optimizes the technical properties of the surface, is achieved by means of an electrochemical process. Following the process, the titanium product has a resistant protective layer. With the patented Recolor process, the dark-anodized titanium product can be additionally refined and color-coded on request. Thanks to high process reliability and quality, exact repeatability for consistent results is always guaranteed, even with different production batches.

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