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The light metal titanium boasts a range of fascinating properties

Native titanium is vary rare on Earth and the metal is usually extracted from titanic iron ore (ilmenite) or rutile. The process involved is very time-consuming. However, the effort is worth it, as titanium is only slightly heavier than aluminium but as hard as steel and almost as corrosion-resistant as a diamond.

In addition, thanks to its excellent biocompatibility and anti-allergenic properties, titanium is the material of choice for medical implants. The combination of the properties of biocompatibility, corrosion-resistance, strength and lightness makes titanium an outstanding material which can be used for a wide variety of products.

The quality of titanium is decisive

The purity of the alloy is decisive for the quality of the titanium. The degree of purity of the titanium is defined in different grades from 1 to 39, with each grade displaying different properties, which is of great importance for titanium anodising in particular. For example, Viktor Hegedüs exclusively uses grade 5 titanium as per medical technology criteria for its jewellery production.

We have the quality of the titanium we employ confirmed by our partners in detailed mill test reports (MTR). The country of origin, the purity of the alloy and compliance with comprehensive sustainability and quality standards are verified with extensive test measures in additional quality control steps. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we are able to advise our customers well when selecting materials so as to find the ideal combination for the respective applications.

Many years of experience lead to the perfect result

Processing titanium is truly a challenge. This is largely down to the strain hardening when shaping titanium, the high tensile strength and the protective oxide film that titanium forms spontaneously on contact with the atmosphere. This passivating layer must also be taken into consideration during processing, as it modifies the behaviour of the surface.

At Viktor Hegedüs, the titanium workpieces are cleaned intensively in advance with pickling processes, leaving them ideally prepared for the subsequent refinement steps. For the titanium anodising, we additionally pay attention to the extreme purity analyses of the media used and complete documentation so as to ensure that consistent results can be achieved for all product batches. Our decades of experience in titanium refinement enable us to achieve a high and consistent quality in all machining processes, from turned parts to parts of any shape and 3D-printed products.

Titanium touched by Hegedüs: Discover the innovative solutions

If you are looking for a reliable partner for the refinement or optimisation of your titanium products, then you have come to the right place at Viktor Hegedüs. We are the competent partner by your side who can implement your requirements with success. Our numerous innovations also allow you to secure long-lasting competitive and/or market advantages.

For example, our new and patent-pending procedures for the generation of multiple colours on one workpiece impressed a dental instrument manufacturer, who is now utilising our technology for the development of a colour-coded instrument employing the traffic light system. Another manufacturer of implants employs this technology for titanium bone plates anodised in two colours so as to ensure the correct use of the corresponding titanium screws. We will be delighted to make your product ideas a reality too.

Titanium can do more than most people know

The range of uses of titanium extends far beyond medical technology and the material is increasingly being employed in the fields of outdoor sport and leisure, lightweight construction, e-mobility, aviation and industrial applications.

Titanium is no longer the exotic material confined to aerospace technology, but rather is very often the solution to a wide range of challenges in countless fields of application. Generally speaking, titanium can be viewed as an interesting alternative to stainless steel.

* partially anodised

Quality made in Germany – we develop and produce absolutely everything in Baden-Württemberg

As far as the development of innovations and production of high-quality technologies is concerned, the state of Baden-Württemberg has been a leading region on an international level for many years already. The administrative district of Tuttlingen has even earned itself the nickname of “world centre of medical technology”. We, too, consider ourselves obliged to uphold this tradition, which is precisely why our company headquarters, where we develop and manufacturer our high-quality products sustainably and dependably, are located here. In the field of process and quality assurance, we are certified in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.

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We are your certified partner

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